Debit Card Protection and Credit Card Benefits

In a world where paying with plastic is the popular method over paper, it's important to us that you feel secure using your Community First Bank Mastercard Debit Card wherever the Mastercard logo is displayed. Our Real-Time Fraud Monitoring system screens your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for transactions that are not normal for your account. If something is detected a representative will call to confirm any suspicious activity. If fraud is confirmed we will cancel your existing card and replace it with a new one. With our Card @ Once printing machines we can even get you a debit card instantly during business hours at our two Mt. Vernon locations. Remember you can also report your card lost or stolen immediately should it be compromised by calling 618-244-3000.

Knowing that your information is being monitored is our way of making your busy life a little easier. Swiping your debit card for purchases saves time and the cost of checks.

One of our most frequently asked questions is "should I use my card as a debit or a credit". We always encourage you to use it as a credit versus debit whenever possible. Whether you process transactions as a credit or a debit and enter your PIN#, the money is going to come directly out of your checking account; however, there are additional benefits of processing purchases as credit transactions, including:

  • Additional security, fraudulent use protection and Visa's Zero Liability Policy
  • No opportunity for someone to observe or otherwise capture your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Don't be confused by the term "credit" either. Transactions you process as a credit will still be memo posted to your account immediately and process within a few business days depending on the merchant. You will not accumulate a balance and be expected to pay it at the end of your statement cycle.

The only time you are required to run your transaction as a debit is when you are receiving cash back or due to merchant limitations. We suggest running your transactions as credit transactions whenever possible.

If you have any questions regarding your Community First Bank Mastercard Debit Card feel free to stop by and speak with a personal banker today. We're always glad to help!